Alden Marin

He was tea once
Black, to be exact
Now, he's a flattened packet
With a twist on top--
Reminding us, what once was
Becomes something else, in time...
Glued to a white mat
With an astonished look
As if to say "How did I
Get this way?" Painted
In April of '08...
And plenty has happened
Since then--but the Red Man
Sits there timelessly
Beneath his twist
"With lots on his mind..."
And we, the outsiders--
His audience, are left
To figure out just exactly
What that is.


ALDEN MARIN is an artist living in the Pacific Palisades who trains squirrels, takes long walks in the hills, and collects red leaves. He has written poetry since age 13, and was educated at Stanford and the Sorbonne. He has published more than 20 books of poetry, which can be found on his website,