Michael Allen

      For Megan


It is I
On the long walk
Back, to find where
God was born
It is I
The selfish boy
Whom would be called
Man and kind
It is I
Who builds and builds
These palaces named
and in my madness, it was
Only Love, it was
Only love who would
even speak to me, saying
Impetuous child,
you must learn
To subtract before you
Will be allowed to


MICHAEL ALLEN has been a soldier, a scientist, a carpenter, a zen~student~master, a wanderer in wonder, and, above all, of course, a poet! His works have been published in The Nervous Breakdown magazine, Germ magazine, Bare Hands Poetry (u.k), and The University of Hell Press, among the more notables, and several other less notable, yet no less enjoyable publications.