Marina Muhlfriedel

Dress me, my love,

in organza and satin

Clasp the diamond sparrow

‘round my neck

Slip on those silvery bracelets

I want to look my best


Make sure, if you would,

my eyeliner is even

Lips full, and perfectly drawn

Sweep on these cheeks, a measure of pink

Lashes mascaraed full and long


On my dresser

You’ll find Shalimar

Dab it on my neck and inner thighs

I need it all to be perfect,

when I turn up on the other side


Lay me down in style,

But lay me not to rest

that mahogany limo

will be waiting

And I’ll be on my way at last


I’ll step out

when I hear the band play

And enter those pearly doors

To finally dance with all the men

I secretly adored


It’s true I seem soft and well-mannered

At peace with my age and place

But I’m just waiting

for afterland

to kick it back up a pace


I’ll be shakin’ it on the dance floor

Flirting up a storm

Cackling as loudly

as I desire

Without a glimmer of remorse


Here I am an old woman

With crackly lips

and creaking knees

Dying to feel that magnetic pull of

men who can’t resist me


Make sure my hair is styled,

Shiny, red and teased just right

I hope to look a bit wicked

When I show up there that night


Don’t be offended

if I flash some leg

Distressed by coquettish smiles

Indulge my craving for affection

If only for awhile


It will all

be out of my system

before you step through that same door

I’ll have grown tired of the attention

And ready for something more


Then we’ll swing each other wild

Leap and twirl

with all our hearts

If we want we’ll dance on forever

And never be apart


And if none of it happens?

The door slams shut for good

Then I won’t know the difference

So humor me, if you would