Gerry Fabian

Just Like Streetcars


It hasn’t been good spring.

His press is going broke.

Hisbaseball team is rebuilding.

The regular job

he uses to support both

is about to end.


The paint on his car

is chipping away

and whenever he looks

for anything;

it's missing.


Only the music

stays the same.

"Thank God

for the Glimmer Twins",

he says out loud.


Outside, the cat

get in a fight.

one of his children

falls out of bed


and his wife still isn't home.


Source Origins


The stuttering child

still cannot explain

    the source of his fright.

His rapid word-groups

tangle on the tongue.

You quickly pull him

into your warm arms

to show that the source

of adult power

will now protect him.


Much later that night

while he is asleep,

you sit and wonder

about the sleepless nights

when your brain stutters



will be there


to hold you?



Mourning News


I stumble upon your obituary


while searching for part two 

of a local news article.


I gasp

and quickly read the obit.

Memories come flashing

in segments and bursts.


You were the first one

that I ever loved.

You taught me so much

in that kind gentle aura

as we explored

the forbidden sides of life.



No one has ever kissed me

with the passion you gave.

I have never truly recovered

from the way that you left me.


And now,

you've done it