Audri Phillips


Darkness has its place Nestling the firmaments The combusting stars Creators of life 

Giving each the courtesy of a separate space 

Darkness has its job
Nestling each heart within its cavity Together yet alone

One pin pricked black cushion Bleeding
The heart of darkness Resides within each 

The engine in a cave
Each heart a star beating A light bathed in darkness 



There are masters who draw bamboo with sure quick curving strokes 

I drive on a street that runs flat from dawn to sunset
A city planners grid east to west for the workers
Blinded by the sun in the morning and again on return at night 

Progress is a direction
Driving Sightless west into the sunset 

Forward even if it seems we go back and forth I call it bad road design 

You need those curves to preserve your vision A big ball of twine is what I want
A tangle of sheltering lines
A still spot in the shade 



A breeze begins where 

Courage whispers to the waves 

Caressing jagged rocks