Alden Marin

New poem about misplaced flowers (for Khe Iem)
Sep 30 at 5:15 AM



I didn't think
You would mind
If we put the nighttime
 Here--like a vase
Of red flowers
On a shelf
Close to day;
One for whom
Placement & preservation
Are everything--
Those flowers
Freshly picked
Like nighttime itself
Arranged by a
Picture window
Looking out towards day
Where birds & animals
Play at the end
Of September, together
Or even fighting
Like angry children
Over candy...
All this caused
By flowers in a vase
Put carelessly close
To misinterpretation
And a spot too near
To the edge, where
They could so easily
Be knocked over by
An errant arm or elbow--
The vase, to shatter
And the flowers
To scatter again
Across the field
In haste, making
Their escape...


New poem
Dec 19 at 6:14 AM


Then, there was
No explanation...
The nail did not
Get hammered--
Stood out as a
Monument to
The separated leaf
Lying red and alone
Had no tree...
The pine needle,
Once instructive
Pointed nowhere
And was sharper
Than thought, didn't
Want to be collected...
I bent to retrieve
A rock and found
It was a bottle cap--
The flicked cigarette
Like a missile from
Some hostile country;
My job is to find
Acceptance for
These facts & truths
But, so often--
I cannot...


New poem based on a true story...
Jan 4 at 6:33 AM


You might as well
Believe inconvenience--
The bed with its
Slight angle
Causing odd comfort
Your old cough reemergent
(Try a new syrup)
The sharp-edged rock
You were going to collect
But it cut you instead
And you put it back down
Where rocks belong
In Nature, not
The house--
That trail, leading
To a spring, which
Dried up in the drought
So you get to bring
Your own water
Packing necessities
In and out...Things
Don't go as planned--
You left the envelope behind
But still have the letter;
It makes for new ways
Of delivery & passage
Such as finding new routes
Or wearing better shoes,
Trusting inconvenience
To redraw the map
Like finding that long-lost pair
Of glasses when the marble
Rolls under the couch
And has to be found
Where the vanished gems
Have fallen...


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ALDEN MARIN is an artist living in the Pacific Palisades who trains squirrels, takes long walks in the hills, and collects red leaves. He has written poetry since age 13, and was educated at Stanford and the Sorbonne. He has published more than 30 books of poetry, which can be found on his website,  http://www.aldenmarin.com.

(Photo credit: Renee Ciocca )