Alden Marin

New poem about misplaced flowers (for Khe Iem)

Sep 30 at 5:15 AM


I didn't think

You would mind

If we put the nighttime 

Here--like a vase

Of red flowers

On a shelf 

Close to day;

One for whom 

Placement & preservation

Are everything--

Those flowers 

Freshly picked

Like nighttime itself

Arranged by a 

Picture window

Looking out towards day

Where birds & animals 

Play at the end

Of September, together

Or even fighting

Like angry children

Over candy...

All this caused 

By flowers in a vase

Put carelessly close 

To misinterpretation

And a spot too near

To the edge, where

They could so easily 

Be knocked over by

An errant arm or elbow--

The vase, to shatter

And the flowers 

To scatter again

Across the field 

In haste, making

Their escape...



New poem

Dec 19 at 6:14 AM


Then, there was 

No explanation...

The nail did not

Get hammered--

Stood out as a 

Monument to 


The separated leaf

Lying red and alone 

Had no tree...

The pine needle,

Once instructive

Pointed nowhere 

And was sharper 

Than thought, didn't

Want to be collected...

I bent to retrieve 

A rock and found 

It was a bottle cap--

The flicked cigarette 

Like a missile from 

Some hostile country;

My job is to find 

Acceptance for 

These facts & truths

But, so often--

I cannot...


New poem based on a true story...

Jan 4 at 6:33 AM


You might as well

Believe inconvenience--

The bed with its 

Slight angle 

Causing odd comfort

Your old cough reemergent 

(Try a new syrup)

The sharp-edged rock

You were going to collect 

But it cut you instead

And you put it back down

Where rocks belong

In Nature, not 

The house--

That trail, leading 

To a spring, which 

Dried up in the drought

So you get to bring 

Your own water

Packing necessities 

In and out...Things 

Don't go as planned--

You left the envelope behind 

But still have the letter;

It makes for new ways

Of delivery & passage 

Such as finding new routes

Or wearing better shoes,

Trusting inconvenience 

To redraw the map 

Like finding that long-lost pair

Of glasses when the marble

Rolls under the couch 

And has to be found 

Where the vanished gems

Have fallen...