Michelle Seabreeze

I am chaos
A wild open door
Filled with crooked shadows
and inconspicuous miracles.
Like a jumbled collaboration
between here and there
And everyone involved
I am abandon
And I am aware
that I am doing too many things
that feel like
Running in the rain
|on a warm day
or conversely
like carrying fire in the wind
when there's gasoline in my veins
Whilst I silently argue with myself
about what could have been possible
If time wasn't everything
And the end never existed


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A Philadelphia, PA native, MICHELLE SEABREEZE is a poet who has written and performed original work at the NY Fringe Festival, Inspired Word, Busboys & Poets, Nuyorican Poets Cafe
and Brown University.

"I write poetry because it helps me translate the world.
I hope I've written something that is either comforting,
or unsettling, or both."